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cedar fence panelsTMI Forest Products Inc. is best known as a manufacturer of high quality cedar fence panels made with coastal western red cedar lumber. The owners of the Tubafor brand, TMI is an authority when it comes to outstanding quality, knowledge, and service.

With every cedar picket the TMI team produces, we make certain our products meet the high standards homeowners and professionals demand. Our products create good looking board on board fencing that stands up to harsh winter storms and baking hot summer days. Our cedar fences provide security and privacy for your family at a very competitive price.

Whether you are an installer, a retailer looking to recommend a product, or a homeowner seeking quality cedar fencing, TMI will help you find what you need and tell you how to keep it looking fantastic for years to come. Join the millions who are using TMI lumber and discover what our company’s true mission has been.

TMI Forest Products knows the importance of fencing. You want it to look great, provide dependable security, last for decades and be affordable. No matter where you live or what kind of look you’re seeking, we’ve got a wood fence that’s perfect for your home.

When professionals want to work with the very best cedar wood they turn to Tubafor, TMI’s highest grade of board. If looks could kill, tubafor fences would be armed and dangerous.

TMI’s coastal western cedar fences offer many great benefits for home and business owners. From helping the environment to standing up for decades, having a western cedar fence makes sense.

At the end of the day, we’re not just making cedar fences - we are helping to build the best homes.

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